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Wooden Stacking Bowls - 5 Pieces

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Product description

🌈Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls Key Features:

🌳 Made with eco-friendly FSC-Certified Basswood
🎨 Brightly colored with non-toxic, water-based stain
📏 Largest bowl measures 9cm in diameter
🏗️ Stacks up to 21cm high for impressive tower building
👶 Age: 12 months +
🌟 Encourages creativity and fine motor skills development
✅ ASI Accredited and CE Certified for safe, sustainable play
🌍 Join LaLaLull in promoting responsible forestry and fun!

Wooden Rainbow Brand introduction

Introducing the enchanting Rainbow Collection by LaLaLull, a cherished Australian brand that infuses the joy of play with the beauty of nature. Each meticulously crafted piece in our collection celebrates the vibrant spirit of childhood with a kaleidoscope of colors that spark imagination and wonder. At LaLaLull, we are committed to sustainability and the well-being of our planet, which is why we proudly use only FSC-Certified wood and non-toxic finishes. Our toys are not only ASI Accredited and CE Certified, they're crafted to inspire creative play while fostering environmental stewardship. Embrace the magic of play with LaLaLull's Rainbow Collection – where every color unfolds a story, and every toy is a step towards a greener future.

🌟 Enhanced Play with LaLaLull Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls

🎭 Hide-and-Seek Fun: Use the bowls to play a hide-and-seek game with small toys. Great for teaching object permanence.
🎨 Color Matching Game: Pair the bowls with colored balls or objects to match, promoting color recognition.
🧩 Puzzle Challenge: Encourage kids to figure out how to nest the bowls within each other, enhancing problem-solving skills.
🍽️ Imaginative Play: Pretend the bowls are dishes for a tea party, sparking imaginative role-play.
🐚 Nature Exploration: Collect items from nature and use the bowls to sort them by size, color, or type.
🧮 Counting Practice: Use the bowls to teach counting by placing a number of objects in each one.
📚 Storytelling Aid: Create a story where each bowl represents a character or a place, building narrative skills.
🤹‍♀️ Balance Game: Challenge older kids to balance the bowls upside down or on top of each other in unique ways.
⚖️ Weighing Station: Fill the bowls with different items and compare their weights, learning about heavy and light concepts.

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Wooden Stacking Bowls - 5 Pieces

$35.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

Based on 210 reviews

This Montessori wooden rainbow toys is worth every penny! My daughter is constantly engaged with the activities and it's wonderful to watch her learn and develop. The wooden rainbow toys is well made and has held up nicely over time. I highly recommend this wooden rainbow toys to any parent looking for an educational and fun activity for their child.


The Black, White Infant Wooden rainbow toys is perfect for newborns. The high contrast colors really grab their attention, and the soft cloth pages are gentle on their delicate skin. It's a great way to introduce babies to the joy of reading.


This Quiet Wooden rainbow toys - Good Night Wooden rainbow toys is both educational and fun for my toddler. They love practicing their fine motor skills and learning about bedtime routines, all while enjoying the colorful and engaging illustrations.


I love this Jollytoddler Toddler Animal Soft Rattle Toy! It's so cute and my toddler loves playing with the soft plush and silicon textures. The rattling noise also keeps them entertained.


Bought this for a road trip for a 33 year old. She liked it & it kept her occupied for about 15 min. Intervals throughout the trip. Now it is kept in the car & she looks for it when she gets in her car seat. She expects her busy wooden rainbow toys to be there!