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Wooden Peg Dolls with Tray

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Product description

🌈 Product Description for Wooden Peg Dolls with Tray

Welcome to the vibrant world of LaLaLull Wooden Rainbow Blocks featuring 12 Friends Peg Dolls! These charming companions are a fantastic addition to any child's playtime, promoting both fun and learning through a splash of color. 🎨

  • 🤗 Social Skills Development: Each peg doll represents a friend, teaching kids about relationships and empathy.
  • 🧩 Imaginative Play: These dolls are perfect for role-playing games, sparking creativity and storytelling.
  • 🌟 Color Recognition: With 12 different hues, children can learn and name colors, enhancing visual perception.
  • 🙌 Fine Motor Skills: Picking up and placing the dolls helps in honing dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • 🎒 Versatile Fun: Ideal for counting, sorting, and even as a delightful birthday cake topper!

🛠️ Wooden Peg Dolls with Tray Specifications:

Materials: Crafted from quality wood, each doll is painted with non-toxic, water-based stains for safe play.

  • The frame is 14.1 cm long, a peg doll about 7 cm high and has a diameter of 3 cm
  • Weight: 0.438 KG

Contents: This set includes 12 peg dolls in a wooden tray, each a different color of the rainbow.
Age Suitability: Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, these peg dolls are suitable for a wide range of play activities.

🔖Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls Safety Note:

LaLaLull's commitment to safety and sustainability is at the forefront with their Rainbow Collection of wooden toys. Each piece from the collection is FSC-Certified, ensuring it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Additionally, the toys meet the rigorous safety standards set by the CE certification, which is recognized internationally. LaLaLull also boasts an ASI accreditation, further cementing their dedication to sustainable play. With the Rainbow Collection, parents can trust in the quality and ethical manufacturing of LaLaLull's toys, making playtime both safe and environmentally conscious.

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Wooden Peg Dolls with Tray

$45.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Looks good, easy to clean. Good thickness.


Obsessed with this big mat!!!! It gives my toddler plenty of space to roll around and drag himself as he learns to crawl. I love that I can sit with him and not be on the cold floor while I play with him. I highly recommend it!


Got this to put in my daughters playpen, it�s perfect for her to roll around on and do quiet time! The material seems like it will be very easy to clean as well. Compared to other mats this one is the perfect price for its size, we couldn�t be happier!


Love it! Just don't walk on it in shoes, it can tear it. Otherwise awesome!


Great cushion for babies rolling, crawling, and learning to walk. Easily good to a small rectangle to carry along. Cleans easily and beautiful big shapes that keep infants interested and curious. Also has traction so babies don't slide and fall on it. Overall a great buy. Glad I didn't spend money on those expensive ones. This pad does the job.