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Wooden Numbers with Tray

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Product description

Step into the world of numbers with LaLaLull's Funky Shaped Large Wooden Numbers set (32 Pieces with Tray), where early numeracy is fun, tactile, and beautifully imaginative. This set promises a delightful journey into basic mathematics for little learners.

Large Wooden Numbers Key Features:

🎓 Educational Play: Introduce your child to numeracy with these funky shaped numbers, making learning a playful and engaging experience.

📏 Height for Insight: The varying heights of the numbers encourage understanding of value and quantity—taller pieces represent bigger numbers, offering a visual and tactile way to grasp mathematical concepts.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Learning: Crafted with the future in mind, these wooden numbers are made from FSC Certified basswood, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to play.

👐 Interactive Size: From the smallest '1' to the tallest '10', these numbers are designed for little hands to grasp, align, and stack.

🧩 Versatile Use: Whether it's for free play, structured learning, or as an interactive display, these numbers fit seamlessly into a variety of educational scenarios.

🔢 Comprehensive Set: The full set includes numbers from 1 to 10, allowing for a range of learning activities from basic counting to complex equations.

🎨 Natural Aesthetic: The unpainted, wood-grain finish not only looks gorgeous but is also safe for children, free from any chemicals or paints.

📐 Size Specifications: Number '10' measures 2 x 20 cm, with all other numbers proportioned accordingly.

Large Wooden Numbers Spec

  • Age: 3 years+
  • Brand: LaLaLull Australia
  • Include: 32 Pieces including the tray

With Funky Shaped Large Wooden Numbers, you're not just providing a toy; you're opening a door to a world where numbers are friends, and math is an adventure.

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Wooden Numbers with Tray

$95.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I got this for my 3 year old and my 3 year old boys to play, but it came down that even before I gave it to them


Super smooth wooden and great packaging. Tottering worth of money. Super fun


Excellent finish, flatness, precision.


My little one was so excited to receive these for his birthday. He played with them for nearly two hours! Great quality!


I absolutely love it and would buy it always again
We raise our kid with Waldorf and Montessori lifestyle and no other company has good this quality without bad stuff in the colors.