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Music Box Wooden Train

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Product description

Music Box Wooden Train Key Features

🚂 Magnetic Motion Train Journey: All aboard the LaLaLull Roller Coaster music box, where a quaint wooden train embarks on a circular voyage around a beautifully crafted mountain landscape, powered by a hidden magnetic mechanism.

🏔️ Scenic Mountain Backdrop: The music box is adorned with a rustic, carved mountain that serves as a majestic backdrop to the train's journey, enhancing the allure of this miniature world.

🎵 Enthralling Melody: Twist the knob, and the music box plays a melodic tune that syncs with the train's movement, reminiscent of a leisurely train ride through the countryside.

🔄 Captivating Rotational Feature: As the music plays, the magnetic train chugs along the track, circling the mountain, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic display.

🛡️ Safety Comes First: The music box features non-toxic materials and finishes, ensuring it is safe for play and display in any environment.

Music Box Wooden Train Product Specifications:

  • Brand: LaLaLull Australia
  • Dimensions: 11(L) *11(W)*14.5(H) cm
  • Material: High-grade, eco-friendly wood
  • Melody: "Spirited Away"
  • Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Music Box Wooden Train

$74.00 AUD