lalalull sticker

Lalalull sticker

Are you ready to add a sprinkle of personal touch to your Lalalull wooden rainbow? Our unique Lalalull stickers are designed to let you do just that! With each purchase of a Lalalull wooden rainbow product, you get the opportunity to make your rainbow truly your own. Let’s dive into the simple four-step process that will bring your wooden rainbow to life.

Step 1: Locate Your Sticker

Your Lalalull journey begins with the essential piece - the sticker! Unpack your new wooden rainbow and you'll find the sticker included. This isn't just any sticker; it's a symbol of the joy and creativity that Lalalull stands for. Take a moment to appreciate its quality and design before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Stick to Anywhere You Like

The best part about our sticker is the freedom it offers. Choose a spot on your wooden rainbow where you’d like the Lalalull logo to shine. Whether you prefer it at the top of the arch or subtly placed at the bottom, the choice is entirely up to you. Gently place the sticker on the selected spot, positioning it just right.

Step 3: Press As Hard As You Can

Once you’re happy with the placement, it’s time to make it permanent. Press down firmly on the sticker to ensure every edge and corner is smoothly adhered to the wood's surface. This pressure is key in making sure that the sticker doesn’t only stick but stays stuck for a long time to come.

Step 4: Remove the Film

The final touch to your masterpiece involves peeling away the protective film. This is the moment of truth where you get to witness the transformation. Slowly remove the film and voilà - your personalized Lalalull wooden rainbow is complete!

This simple process adds a layer of customization to your Lalalull experience, making your wooden rainbow not just a toy but a personal keepsake. It’s a special way to make memories that stick (pun intended!) and ensure that your Lalalull wooden rainbow is a representation of your creativity and style.

Remember, your Lalalull wooden rainbow is more than just a plaything; it’s a canvas for your imagination. By personalizing it with our special sticker, you’re creating a piece that’s uniquely yours. So go ahead, express yourself and let your Lalalull flag fly high!

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