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Kmart vs Big W vs LaLaLull for silicone feeding set

Introducing solids is a significant milestone in a baby's life, and it's the start of a journey toward self-feeding and independence. Silicone feeding sets are a game-changer in this transition. Not only are they safe and soft for tender gums, but they're also designed to encourage little ones to learn the skills of self-feeding. The grippy texture of silicone makes it easier for tiny fingers to grasp spoons and forks, and divided sections in plates can hold a variety of foods to entice a child's palate. Moreover, the suction feature of silicone plates and bowls helps keep them in place, minimizing spills as your little one explores the new textures and tastes of solid foods. With a blend of safety, functionality, and sensory appeal, silicone feeding sets are essential tools for parents and children embarking on the exciting journey of solid food introduction.

1. Kmart 6 Piece Silicone Feeding Set $32

Product Details

  • Suitable for ages: 6+ months
  • Includes divided suction plate, suction bowl, straw sippy cup, fork, spoon and bib
  • 6 pieces
  • Dimensions/Size: 21.5cm (H) x 24cm (W) x 7cm (D)
  • Material: Silicone


  • BPA free
  • Silicone staw cup
  • Microwave safe (Plate, bowl and sippy cup excluding lid)
  • Dishwasher safe (Top shelf only excluding bib)
  • Conforms to EN14372 and EN14350

2. Big W- 3pc Nordic Kids Henny 18cm Silicone Dining Plate/Bowl/Spoon Feeding Set. $39

With its adorable lion design, little ones will love the Henny Silicone 3pc Dining Set! Each set comes with a plate and bowl with an inbuilt suction base and a spoon. Switch to silicone and say goodbye to broken plates and upturned bowls of spaghetti on the floor.

BPA-free, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe & freezer-safe.

Size: W18 x H3.5 x D18
Age Suitability: 0+
Material: BPA-free, Silicone
Weight: 390g
Safety Standards: This product is FDA and CE Approved.
Care & Use: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe. Sterilise for 2-3 minutes.

1 x 3pc Plate/Spoon Set

3. LaLaLull 8 Piece Silicone Feeding Set $89

Silicone Feeding Set


  1. Silicone Bib: Size 29.5 *24.5 cm, Weight 135 g
  2. Silicone Suction Bowl : Size 12.5W *12.5 L * (5.7 - 8.5 cm) H. Weight 152g
  3. Silicone Suction Plate : Size 20.5 * 20.5 * 3.5 cm, Weight 155g
  4. Silicone Placemat: Size 29 *38.7cm. Weight 130g
  5. Silicone Training spoon and fork: Size 8 cm, weight 56g
  6. Silicone spoon and fork: Size 14cm, weight 53g
  7. Brand: LaLaLull Australia
  8. Total Weight with outer package: 1.2Kg
  9. Materials: Platinum-Cured Silicone, FDA Certified Food Grade Silicone resource. 


  1. Withstand from -40°C to 200°C.
  2. Platinum Cured Silicone
  3. FDA Certified Materials
  4. Gift Package
  5. Free Stickers and Tote Bag available (Conditions apply)


Silicone feeding set

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and then for breastfeeding to continue alongside complementary (family) foods for 2 years or beyond.

Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for around the first 6 months and then for breastfeeding to continue alongside complementary foods for 1 year, or as long as mother and child desire. 

Australian recommendations in the current (2012) Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines are to introduce solids at around 6 months of age.

Writen by Irene, a mum for 2, as at 08/04/2024

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